Tuula has blossomed in 2021 from a decade-old friendship between two Librans, Sangita Agrawal and Ayushi Dangayach Lahoti. Hailing from fine jewellery making families they have a deep understanding of true craftsmanship using new-age technology and have been taught the importance to attention to detail from an early age. Although neither have a formal degree in Jewellery & Design, both the cofounders have a passion for beautiful objects and love for jewellery.

We are a international demi-fine & contemporary jewellery brand based in India, with designs inspired from the founders travel across the globe. The jewellery showcases a sense of understated glamour with playful elegance, while offering versatile, high quality, everyday luxury to women worldwide. Our jewellery is created from recycled precious metals, gemstones, pearls and cubic zirconia that are sourced internationally. 

We are constantly striving to obtain the best quality stones, metals and pearls whilst making sure our sources adhere to humane work conditions that not only benefit the workers but that also consider the impact on the environment. We are seeing that this is becoming more and more important, specially to the younger generations. All our jewellery is hallmarked fulfilling the requirements established by the Law on Precious metals. This is a guarantee to our clients of the purity and quality of the metals used.

We are not a mass produced jewellery brand. The personal vision behind each jewel is thought out, hand-drawn on paper, and then adjusted to what works. Once the design is right, each piece is hand-finished, giving it a characteristic human touch and exhibiting the centuries old craftsmanship that gives our pieces a unique emotional value. You know that the workmanship on these pieces has been passed down from generation to generation in our workshops. We always want to give our clients that special personal touch.